"We are very pleased with our ongoing relationship with RCG and frequently benefit from their insights. RCG has helped us better understand contractual terms and ensured that our commercial ACO agreements are consistent with national parameters. We have found significant ROI from RCG services and would recommend other ACOs to use them with confidence."

-David Klebonis, Chief Operating Officer, Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization, LLC, South Florida Accountable Care Organization, LLC (Palm Beach, FL)

"Despite the disadvantage of our relatively small geographic footprint, John Schmitt worked tirelessly to keep our name and capabilities in front of key market players. As a result, we landed several beneficial commercial partnerships that we’d not have today, had it not been for John and his team. I cannot recommend Reliance Consulting highly enough."

-Richard J. Lucibella, Chief Executive Officer, Accountable Care Options (Boynton Beach, FL)

"As a CMS (MSSP-Advanced Payment) ACO, our physicians and staff realized early on we needed an aggressive, multi-payer plan to help finance our operations. Drawing on its contracting experience and payer contacts, Reliance Consulting Group (RCG) produced our first commercial shared savings contract within two months, far exceeding our expectations. While we estimate the three year Return on Investment (ROI) of RCG's services is in the double digits, the long term strategic positioning with commercial payers is invaluable."

-Brent Staton, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Cumberland Center for Healthcare Innovation ACO (Cookeville, TN)

Our executive team found it very valuable to retain RCG to develop and execute our ACO’s multi-payer contracting strategy. The national experience of RCG's consultants has leveled the playing field in our local negotiations with commercial payers. Their ability to benchmark performance targets, evaluate risk corridors and negotiate other contractual terms has been invaluable to IACO. As a result, we encourage other ACOs to use RCG as well.

-Vipul Mankad, M.D., Senior Medical Advisor, Integrated ACO, (Austin, TX)

As an ACO and Advanced Payment model for CMS, part of our strategic mission is to acquire commercial contracts to enable sustained operations funding for long-term growth. Reliance Consulting Group supported our multipayer strategy by facilitating the contracting process leading to our first commercial contract with good shared savings potential. John Schmitt and his team are very professional and John's commercial payer relationships are what we needed to help us reach our goals."

-Sheila Fusé, Chief Executive Officer, Primary Partners ACO (Clermont, FL)

"In today's fast-paced and ever-changing healthcare world, Reliance Consulting Group (RCG) was able to deliver a service that would have otherwise been difficult. Thank you, RCG for putting together a strong business case and working as a liaison with payers to successfully negotiate improved contracts. I would highly recommend RCG as an excellent resource!"

-Wendy Steward, CMPE, former Practice Administrator, Womens Health Specialists of Yuma (Yuma, AZ)

"As a practice manager of a busy women's clinic, handling the day-to-day affairs and putting out fires is already more than a full-time job. So, when it came to payer contracting, I simply didn't have the time to devote to it as I would have liked. Reliance thankfully took this burden off my shoulders and enabled me to continue running my practice seamlessly while they handled our contracting needs. They strategically analyzed our payer portfolio, effectively re-negotiated our major payer contracts, and ultimately helped us improve our relationships with our payer partners while increasing our bottom line."

-Sharon Cannon, Practice Administrator, Womens Group of Franklin (Franklin, TN)

"Reliance Consulting Group (RCG) applied its market-based Payer Contracting System to our Practice by analyzing four major contracts, generating market-based fee adjustements and renegotiating contracts to yield revenue gains of approximately one million dollars over three years. The return represented a 17 to 1 Return on Investment (ROI) for the Practice- an annual per-physician gain of $15,000 on an investment of less than $1,000 per physician. Equally important, RCG's contracting expertise has strategically positioned our practice for value-based payment negotiations yet to come."

-Matthew Nichols, former CEO of Premier Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine (Nashville, TN)

"John Schmitt worked successfully with Orthopedic Associates of Michigan in identifying  performance/ outcome targets  to include in payer contracts that added additional opportunity to earn revenue. In addition, he compiled a side by side comparison of fee schedules from payers that was key to demonstrating market rates  for professional fees. Our physicians found this to be very insightful. These comparisons allowed us to negotiate increases with specific codes for price trailing  payers and insure that the  preferred payers were given the best overall pricing.  John’s skill and experience with a variety of markets and provider specialties helped level the playing field for our practice  in negotiating with large third party payers."

-Michael Fitzgerald, former COO of Orthopedic Associates of Michigan (Grand Rapids, MI)

"John Schmitt executed payer contracting strategies as part of a large practice management consulting assignment for an orthopaedic group I was involved with. He worked successfully with the Group's commercial payers to skillfully renegotiate contracts, analyze and update fee schedules on a CPT-specific basis, and expertly address the concerns of our unique orthopaedic sub-specialists. Internal estimates of the financial impact of the payer contracting project exceeded three-quarters of a million dollars in marginal revenue for one particular orthopaedic group, and he has had significant returns in many other groups as well."

-Troy Bouzakis, former orthopaedic Practice Administrator (Chicago, IL)

"John was a part of a team from Navigant and was instrumental in helping our group more effectively manage its existing managed care arrangements and helped position us for success in the future of accountable care.  As president, I found his strategic insights and guidance invaluable and he was instrumental in the design and roll out our successful care management program."

-Anne M. Ruflin, former President, Lifetime Health Medical Group (Rochester, NY)

"John Schmitt was invaluable to us while we renegotiated our managed care contracts.  He was able to work with the managed care company’s representatives in such a collaborative, professional way that both sides secured an agreement that was more than acceptable. We could not have done this without John’s experience and expertise and highly recommend him."

-Janit Pike, COO, Charlotte Plastic Surgery (Charlotte, NC)

"I have known John for a long time personally and have had the privilege of working with him on a number of occasions throughout the years, most recently at Navigant. As a Subject Matter Expert in Managed Care for our firm, Dr. Schmitt often served as a consultant to our consultants. In that role, he:
  • worked with many specialist groups to develop contracting strategies and renegotiate payer contracts yielding $100K multiples of new revenue for each practice;
  • worked with several large medical practices to develop multifaceted managed care strategies to reduce medical service expenses for capitation populations, exponentially increase P4P incentive revenues and achieve PCMH certification (levels 1-3) for multi-site locations;
  • worked as project lead and adviser on such diverse consulting projects as bundled payment pilots, teleradiology payer contracting, physician incentive compensation development and accountable care organization (ACO) assessment."
-Alex Hunter, Managing Director, Navigant Consulting (Atlanta, GA)

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